It's the 90% below the surface that will sink your ship! When culture and strategy are aligned it's your strongest asset. Without cultural alignment, there is no strategy just a plan on a piece of paper.


We partner with businesses and organizations to help them build strong cultures and become learning organizations.

We create a program build around your organizations’ specific needs for change and development. We work with you to design and deliver a highly participatory, and engaging organizational development process, that unlocks the full potential of your people, and help you build an organization that can learn, create and adapt to change.

We help you understand opportunities for growth, and design interventions that help your organization clarify core purpose, invigorate vision and values, redesign work processes and adopt new attitudes and behaviors.

We help organizations:

  • Develop and implement vision, mission and values
  • Link strategy implementation and organizational culture.
  • Facilitate dialogue and reflection in teams and departments
  • Uncover hidden beliefs and assumptions - the problems behind the problems
  • Coach leaders and teams to live new attitudes and behaviors
  • See change as a state, and build a creative and responsive organizational culture.

Finally a structured set of tools and methods for an area that is usually so difficult to pin down
— Kristina Barbro Sennefelt, Visual Merchandise & Activity Manager, IKEA