The only constant is change, and the rate of change is only speeding up. The complexity and uncertainty that comes with change, calls for a very different skill-set for leaders and change agents.


The leadership profession is being challenged to move from planning, controlling, streamlining and managing - to in an attentive and present way lead relations, changes, meaning and action. 

We partner with businesses and organisations to improve their leaders’ ability to lead change and navigate uncertainty.

Through experiential and hands-on learning experiences, we support leaders embrace change and develop the mindset, skills and confidence, to lead in complexity and uncertainty - to make sense of what might seem chaotic, and support others in learning and adapting.

We help you:

  • Form and communicate change.

  • Lead with vision and purpose.

  • Facilitate involvement, co-creation and dialogue.

  • Navigate complexity and uncertainty.

  • Lead creativity, experiments, improvization and learning.

  • Assess cultural beliefs and assumptions, and how they impact our ability to change.

  • Bridge the relationship between strategy and culture.

  • See change as a state, and build a learning organization.

Below The Surface offers well-structured methods for designing change and reaching higher levels of creativity. We have discovered very useful tools for stimulating creativity, not only during the inspiring workshops led by them, but also in our daily work
— Pia Wall, Business intelligence analyst E.ON