The basic nature of creativity - curiosity, playfulness, experimentation and failure, are in deed counter intuitive, to the stream-lining, efficiency, risk-avoidance of a traditional business. Today leaders must find ways of balancing the two.


We partner with organisations to improve their ability to lead creativity, collaboration and innovation.

Through experiential workshops and action we teach a range of principles, models and actionable tools related to creative process facilitation, customer insights, ideation, conceptualisation, prototyping and pitching.

We also lead innovation processes, helping teams unlock new business opportunities, and turn them into tangible results.

We help you:

  • Build creative confidence and energy.

  • Develop innovation skills and mind-set.

  • Harness customer insights and trends.

  • Design and lead creative processes.

  • Involve experts, stakeholders and end-users in innovation.

  • Get practical and accessible innovation tools.

  • Develop creative leadership competence and confidence.

  • Inspire a culture of curiosity, risk-taking and playfulness.

“The learning experience our clients and students get is extraordinary. The methods and tools influence the participants to be even more creative and efficient co-workers. I recommend Below The Surface to every company that wants to upgrade the creative thinking and teamwork.”
— Åsa Silfverberg, Head of Design & Development, Hyper Island