Brandhouse: Innovation Methods



Brandhouse is a leading advertising agency. They wanted to further improve their ability to build innovative strategies and solutions for their clients in an age of digital disruption.


We led a process that allowed the staff to explore their clients business challenges through the lenses of radical change and digital disruption. Along the way we gave them tools for facilitating creative workshops, and working with digital innovation. We also identified new ways of working and organising internally.


  • New methods for creative collaboration
  • New methods for facilitating innovation with their clients
  • New ways of working and organising creative work
  • Shared understanding of how to grow and develop the organisation

IKEA: Building creative and innovative capacity

IKEA: Building creative and innovative capacity


IKEA wanted to increase the creative and innovative capacity throughout their organization. As a company in constant pursuit of new solutions in every aspect of the business, IKEA wanted store managers, merchandise managers and designers to become familiar with effective approaches for working with creative problem-solving and idea development.

The Journey

We created a bespoke one day course in leading the creative process. The process took them through the basic principles of turning customer insights into creative challenges, generating new solutions, pitching and evaluating ideas. The course was repeated in Sweden, UK, Norway and Germany.

The Results

  • The tools were applied directly back into the organisation as part of internal workshops during the following weeks. 
  • Several ideas developed during the course were implemented into the business. 
  • We continue to work with IKEA around increasing creative and innovative capacities.
Finally a structured set of tools and methods for an area that is usually so difficult to pin down.
— Kristina Barbro Sennefelt, Visual Merchandise & Activity Manager, IKEA