Unilever: Training meeting and workshop facilitators

Unilever: Training meeting and workshop facilitators


Unilever regularly runs complex innovation workshops that involve multiple functions, stakeholders and geographies. These seek to reduce the time it takes to launch a global innovation. However, the increasing strain on travel budgets & offsite meetings meant that Unilever wanted some support to maximise the value from these sessions and find other ways to innovate faster. We worked with their global design team to drive greater value from the sessions and deliver more confidently.

The Journey

Over a number of days we equipped the leadership team with tools and processes that they could immediately land back into the business.

We covered a wealth of material that has ultimately helped to reduce the time to market. The three days were highly interactive and the results, in their words were... "the best professional training I've ever received" - Kelly Dawson, Senior Design Project Lead

The Results

  • The training was applied directly back into the organisation at workshops held the following day.
  • The team used the material to develop their own in-house toolkit for consistent use across the business in workshop design and facilitation.
  • Team fed back it was the best corporate training they had ever received.
  • 50% reduced in prep work.
Great course from which I would expect new and experienced facilitators would learn. Appropriate pace and mix of emotional vs functional concepts delivered with great style and expertise that modeled the concepts being taught well.

I appreciated the style of delivery and specifically the flexibility
to tailor the content to our needs. This was of course walking the walk of the content itself which is very important for me.
— Ian Brown, Design Manager, Unilever