IKEA: Building creative and innovative capacity

IKEA: Building creative and innovative capacity


IKEA wanted to increase the creative and innovative capacity throughout their organization. As a company in constant pursuit of new solutions in every aspect of the business, IKEA wanted store managers, merchandise managers and designers to become familiar with effective approaches for working with creative problem-solving and idea development.

The Journey

We created a bespoke one day course in leading the creative process. The process took them through the basic principles of turning customer insights into creative challenges, generating new solutions, pitching and evaluating ideas. The course was repeated in Sweden, UK, Norway and Germany.

The Results

  • The tools were applied directly back into the organisation as part of internal workshops during the following weeks. 
  • Several ideas developed during the course were implemented into the business. 
  • We continue to work with IKEA around increasing creative and innovative capacities.
Finally a structured set of tools and methods for an area that is usually so difficult to pin down.
— Kristina Barbro Sennefelt, Visual Merchandise & Activity Manager, IKEA

M&C Saatchi: Facilitating digital transformation

The context

M&C Saatchi is a leading agency in Australia with app 400 employees. The agency was looking to implement new ways of working in order to strengthen their ability to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions for their clients in the digital space.

The journey

During the last 10 years we have supported Hyper Island in delivering their courses and transformation programmes across the world. In this case we led the digital transformation programme for M&C Saatchi. Over a period of two years, we worked with the company's board and management to clarify vision, mission and values. We supported the delivery of trainings for around 80 employees, around digital thinking and digital strategy. We trained and coached a team of 15 change agents that could lead key initiatives within the transformation process.

The results

During the 2 years the company took a huge step in orienting their business, and their culture towards becoming a cutting-edge and an innovative partner to their clients. New ways of working were introduced and implemented, that supports digital thinking in the company. The agency even took home several digital awards for their client work in this period.