TV2: Engaging Danes in Electing Their Politicians

TV2 Danmark


TV2’s ambition is to be one of the most creative media houses in Denmark. When they approached Below The Surface, they were looking for innovative concepts for engaging the Danes, and tell the stories of the next government election in Danmark in new ways.


We helped TV2 design and facilitate a creative process across the organization, that could utilize the collective creativity of the organization, and result in innovative concepts. We investigated new types of journalism, interactive media and technology, to spark inspiration and new ideas. Several concepts were developed, tested and evaluated.


  • A catalogue with more than 25 innovative concepts
  • Selected concepts prototyped and tested with users
  • Several ideas directly implemented within existing structures
  • Tools and methods applied into daily work in teams
We had a great process with Below The Surface, and we developed both as a group, and as individuals. They showed us in very concrete ways, that the secret of developing great ideas, isn’t that secret after all. Today I know how to inspire creativity. Living up to that is not easy, but it’s comforting to have a new set of tools. Today I use them everywhere I go.
— Kristoffer Pinholt, editor in chief, TV2 Denmark.