Stendahls: Leading High Performing Teams

Stendahls Team Development


Stendahls is a multi-disciplined communications agency. They were already known for their unique ability to collaborate, both within their own organization, but equally in their work with their clients. Having seen how a culture of collaboration pays off, they were eager to take it to the next level.


We designed a bespoke program aimed at the agency’s managing partners and project managers. The program was a practical, and hands-on education in developing teams, and leading the human aspects of creative and innovative teams and projects. The first step brought the agency’s managing partners on board. The second step trained project managers. Finally we brought parts of the course to the entire staff.


  • Shared understanding of how to develop teams and reach high performance
  • A comprehensive toolbox, which is used daily throughout the agency
  • Feedback is much more commonly used and help teams and individuals to grow
Below The Surface’s solid facilitation and their toolbox of team tools, has been invaluable in or agency’s change. They are without a doubt world class change coaches.
— Christer Hedberg, Head of Creative Development, Stendahls