Copenhagen City: Building a Privacy Advisory Board

Copenhagen City: Building a Privacy Advisory Board

The context

The city of Copenhagen has set a high ambition of becoming a leading "smart city," while at the same time protecting the privacy of it's citizens. Technologies such as data tracking, cheap censor technology and mobile devices, promise to make our cities a lot smarter. However these kinds of solutions are based on the collection of behavioral data from citizens, so an important question remains - how do we ensure people's privacy in the smart city?

The journey

We facilitated a series of dialogues and workshops for a board of experts within technology, law, consumers, ethics, society and business. The group formulated the first set of recommendations, that will guide policy-makers when taking the first steps towards building a "smart" Copenhagen, where people will feel their privacy is respected.

The results

  • The recommendations are being used by city politicians and officials, when formulating "smart" city projects. 
  • The board members continue to advice the city in privacy questions.
  • The recommendations serve as a starting point for building rules and regulations.

Danish Ministry: Co-creating a Strategy for Public Private Partnerships

We were assigned to facilitate a strategy development workshop for Erhvervs- og byggestyrelsen (Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority) for some 80 managing directors from the municipalities, the regions and private companies. The aim was to develop new ideas, and discuss how the government’s strategy for enhancing public private collaborations could be strengthened. The outcome was a charter describing the outcomes from the workshop, and lots of important connections were formed. We teamed up with design agency UiWE and delivered a coherent communication package including venue design, workshop templates, documentation, film and website.