Danish School of Media and Journalism: Hackathon


The Ministry of Immigration and Integration was looking for innovative ways of combating radicalization on the internet. They collaborated with the Danish Media and Journalist High School, to host a hackathon for the students and stakeholders from the outside.

The project was funded by the Ministry of Immigration and Integration with PET, the Media Council for Children and Young People and the International Recruitment and Integration Board, and a selection of young community-minded citizens with different backgrounds as other collaborators.


The students first worked for three weeks, and did a deep dive to understand the problem in depth. The students generated insights, that was used as the foundation for a three day hackathon. We worked with the school to design and facilitate the hackathon. Students and external stakeholders, worked in groups and presented 10 final concepts to the client. Two of the concepts were selected and further developed. 


  • 10 final concepts presented
  • 2 concepts further developed to be implemented in collaboration with the ministry
  • The entire project was an effective way for the school, the students and the group of stakeholders to learn more about processes of collaborative innovation