Digital strategy

Say hi to Erik our new intern

Erik Sjolin

Tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Erik Sjölin. I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m a very curious and social person. I love to learn new things and build stuff.

I usually take things as they come. Once I went to Indonesia without a plan. I ended up staying a month with the first person I bumped into - the taxi driver who took me from the airport.

What’s your background?
I’m a Digital Media Creative student at Hyper Island in Stockholm. At Hyper Island we learn about how new technology impacts society, businesses and brands. We also learn about how to lead teams, that can stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

During my time at Hyper Island I’ve been lucky to work with some exciting client projects. Some of those were business strategy for Procter & Gamble and Volvo, VR campaigns for IKEA and helping Danske Bank develop their culture and ways of working.

Why internship at Below?
I’m passionate about exploring new and creative ways of working and organizing. I'm especially curious about how we can bring this into companies with a need for change and innovation. 

I met Thomas from Below The Surface, when he led a course called "creating digital futures" at Hyper Island. I got inspired by his way of working with organizational development, process design and facilitation.

What are you hoping to learn during your stay at Below?
I want to deepen my knowledge within the field of organizational development, and become a kick ass process facilitator.

What will you be doing?
I will run my own business within Below, find my own client and work with them. So right now I'm looking for a company who wants my help in building teams, that can stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

So if you have any suggestions for possible clients, let me know.