Aslak has worked with team development and learning for a long range of Denmark's biggest companies. Aslak has deep knowledge and experience when it comes to supporting teams and leaders reach higher levels of performance and creativity. As a facilitator Aslak is all about the human connection, and building on the team’s own experiences to find sustainable approaches for development. Organisations with whom Aslak has led trainings and team development include IKEA, Novo Nordisk, Leo Pharma, Region of Sealand, WHO a.o.

Alex Neuman Hyper Island facilitator


Alex has worked at the intersection of education, technology, and modern organisations. He describes himself as a learning experience designer, who is passionate about the design and facilitation of powerful learning experiences. From long-term organisational programs to shorter interventions and online courses for professionals. Alex helps companies create learning that's built for the 21st century – interactive, flexible, meaningful and human. In his former role as globally responsible for Hyper Island's methodology and tools for corporate learning programs, he led internal training programs for companies such as Google, IKEA, Greenpeace, Condé Nast and Volvo a.o.

Benjamin Ward, Leadership facilitator & Coach


Ben works as executive coach, change facilitator and leadership trainer. He specialises in evoking powerful self leadership, and in creating safe and courageous spaces for new ways of working to emerge. Ben has been responsible for the Driving Transformation course at Hyper Island, which supports leaders across the globe in bringing real change to their organisations (Visa, Handelsbanken, Telecom, Cable Vision a.o.). Ben has also worked as coach and change consultant for companies such as Swedbank, Mondelez Int. Brandwatch and AQA a.o.



Thomas has worked with teams and leaders in fortune 500 companies around the world, to increase their innovative capacities, and lead organisational transformation processes. He works from a holistic perspective, and bases his work on establishing frameworks, that support groups and individuals to learn and grow collectively. Organisations with whom Thomas has facilitated transformation programmes include adidas, Swedbank, Danske Bank, IKEA, Google, Target, General Mills, Unilever, Wyden&Kennedy a.o.