what we do

We support teams and leaders in developing a shared vision, and build a culture that can reach it.


By leading processes that allow people to envision their future, in a way that fosters participation, creativity and ownership.


We believe the only way you can unlock the full potential of your people, is by co-creating the future.



Unlock Creativity

Business as usual is not an option anymore. We help build the creative confidence of your team, and boosts it's capacity to innovate.

Facilitate Co-Creation

Facilitation is the art of leading people to innovative results through participation, ownership and creativity - we train facilitators.

Transform Culture

Culture isn't just a part of the game - it is the game. We help leaders develop organizational culture and implement strategy. 

Unfold Teams

The need to manage complexity drives the value of collaboration. We teach simple tools that allow teams to reach their highest potential.

Navigate Change

Leading change calls for a very different skill-set. We provide leaders and change agents with the ability to lead change and navigate uncertainty.

Inspire Groups

We give provocative presentations and lead workshops that inspire meaningful action and change the way people see the world.


Facilitation Course

Want to become skilled in designing and facilitating inspiring and effective meetings and workshops?

We offer courses in facilitation, that teach the basic principles of how to foster creativity, participation and ownership in groups. Learn to lead meetings and workshops of a more complex nature, drive alignment and inspire individual responsibility for outcomes.







On Learning Organizations, CreativeMornings, Gothenburg, December 2016